General information

With easyTaaza, buying veggies is as easy and as fresh as picking veggies from your backyard garden.

e easy: everyday, early in the morning, we deliver 100% organic veggies at your doorstep. What we deliver is just enough for that day. And just like milk delivery, you will now find veggies at your door by the time you wake up. Can it get easier than this ? : )

T Taaza: We harvest from farms closest to your community. So veggies are delivered from “farm to flat in less than 12 hours”. easyTaaza veggies are the freshest you can ever get.

  • EasyTaaza wishes to promote healthy living across all the communities in Bangalore. We have our presence currently in South and East Bangalore and expanding further with around 850 consumers as on date.

  • Two objectives achieved side by side:

    •  Helping the families and communities lead a healthy lifestyle and

    •  Enabling the farmers get their fair share of the produce instead of disposing their produce at the mandis at throwaway prices

How do you work?

  • We supply Vegetables, Fruits and Groceries as on date. We would possibly add fresh milk in the near future.

  • Your orders are taken via an app with a cut off time of 12 noon in placing your orders for next day’s delivery

  • Unattended Delivery is done to the doorstep early morning by 7 am to retain freshness especially for the school kids and working segment of the consumers who prefer fresh produce to cook early morning.

  • We pack your orders late evening and dispatch it from our packing center located at the farms 60km away from Bangalore

  • We do not have a store/outlet and only deliver straight from the farm to your doorstep.

Are you supplying Organic Certified Produce?

  • Farmers from whom we source practice organic farming and form a part of the PGS group certification

  • We ourselves send the samples for testing to the lab on a regular basis besides having our own team monitoring the farms and maintaining the relationship with the farmers.

How can I start your services in my community?

  • As mentioned earlier, we are currently delivering at communities in the East and South Bangalore. You can call our sales personnel @7406550111 to verify the possibility of serving in your community.

  • Also you can download our app available for both Android and iPhone users. Below is the link for downloading our app :
    iOS App Link
    Android App Link

  • We have a wallet based system where you top up for a minimum of Rs. 500 the first time and re-charge upon exhausting the balance via Paytm or NEFT

How do i know what my order is for the next day or check my previous transactions?

  • The app is totally user friendly. On the home page you can click on the order date. This will take you to your next day cart that clearly lists the items ordered and their quantity chosen.

  • Under the Menu just click on the Order History, that displays all your previous transactions. Choose a particular date to view the deductions for that day.

How can i raise a complaint for any quality or not delivered issues?

  • We have a dedicated customer support team who will resolve all your concerns. You can whatsapp to our support @9845105959.

  • Also our app has a feature called Help adjacent to your ordered items in the cart. By clicking on Help you can choose the type of complaint from the options displayed and it will soon get addressed.

Can i return the product or item if i am not satisfied?

  • With regards to perishables, i.e Vegetables and Fruits we do not take any returns. We request you to either use them if they are good or suggest giving it to someone who will use it. An appropriate refund / replace will be done for quality or quantity related complaints only.

  • For all our grocery items we do accept returns only for quality related complaints made within 10 days of purchase.

Can i choose to pay by cash?

  • We do not accept payments made as cash. We do arrange for a cheque collection for certain requests. Kindly contact our support @9845105959 to place your request.

Will your prices fluctuate?

  • Yes, for fresh produce our prices get updated for the forthcoming week by Sunday evening.

  • The deductions will happen based on the new updated price only. For staples, the prices vary based on the vendor pricing.

Do we get to visit the farms?

  • It gives us an immense pleasure in organising a farm visit to our customers. Currently we are working towards in fulfilling this request. Soon we will be able to arrange a farm tour.

Do you give any offers or referral bonus?

  • We do have a few offers periodically that will be announced to our customers. About the referral bonus we also have an exciting offer. Please contact our sales team @7406550111.

  • To encourage our newly boarded users, we offer 20% discount on the orders placed in the first month from the date of registration. Similarly 15% discount during 2nd month, 10% discount during 3rd month and 5% discount in fourth month.

Any value added service that we can expect?

  • From time to time we share some interesting facts about the different produce that we give. Our News Feed section in our website feature articles that are more relevant to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Soon we will have Smartfill feature enabled in our app. This will project some facts based on your profile and order pattern that will help in improving your overall health.